Turning A Day Outfit For The Night

We all have those days when we feel pressed for time. The times when we have to attend after work events, cocktails, client meetings etc with not enough time to get prepped up again. And most often we do not have the luxury of having celebrity stylists on call to attend to our needs as well. So it is down to us busy ladies to have a few pre planned ideas of what to have in the wardrobe for such occasions. There are quite lot of stylist advice available these days on how to turn a day outfit to an all nighter. Jeans – this is a staple in everywoman’s wardrobe, and if you plan a little carefully, they can easily transition from polished workday attire to a stylish evening item. For an example, a white jean can be easily worn to work with a jersey or a long sleeve top in light colours. For the evening look one can easily switch the sweater or blazer and opt for a classy evening wear sleeveless top or a halter. They can be accessorised as needed with a rose gold clutch and a few statement jewellery pieces. A slim black jean or legging can also be equally versatile and transformable for the night. Skirts- pencil skirts are staples for the workday wardrobe. The day outfit that comes with a blazer to complete the professional look can be done away with for the night. They can be changed or accessorised as needed, coupled with a chic ruffled lace blouse for a night out. The material the skirt is made in can also play a big part. For example a part leather pencil skirt will be smart during the day and swanky during the night with the right accessories. Accessories – sometimes, all you need to change is a few items here and there and you will be ready for that night time outing.

Have a collection of different evening clutch bags that can be easily paired with a dress to make the total evening outfit. These evening carryalls come with bling, and many accents that can substitute for a lack of jewellery and makeup as well. Versatility: it is important that you buy dresses or suits that a versatile and can easily be dressed up or down as required. There are many dresses that are available now that can be very professional during the day while being very chic and stylish for an evening event. Laid back and comfortable silhouettes are very versatile as they are comfortable and functional as work wear as well as evening wear.Hair: this is something many women worry about, especially if it is a long day and there is an important event in the evening. Having your hair down the whole day can leave it is frizzy and dry in the evenings, so many celebrity stylists suggest keeping your hair tied or in a classic up do such as a bun during the day, and let is loose for the evening event.

These are some of the most basic steps any woman can take to perk things up for the evening outing. Some careful planning and investment in the right outfits and accessories can keep you going both day and night without much fuss.