Eternity Ring Or Wedding Ring: Is There A Difference?

Rings are generally seen as a universal symbol of love. People from different parts of the world present it to a loved one who they desire to spend the rest of their lives with. Aside from that, rings are also used as a special present during anniversaries, graduations and Valentine’s day. Most significantly, a ring is used as a symbol of marriage and commitment. Married couples have to wear one ring from the same pair as a symbol of the love and commitment they promised to each other in front of the altar. But rings are not just exclusively for married couples. Couples who aren’t yet married (but are planning to do so in the future) can make use of either engagement rings or eternity rings Adelaide to symbolize a never-ending love. Now some people might ask what could be the difference between an eternity ring from a wedding ring, and is it practical to buy an eternity ring, or just purchase a wedding ring right away when the time is right? Well, it turns out that there are actually differences between the two, and they convey different meanings too.

  • Style Differences – From its name, an Eternity Ring represent eternity by featuring stones or diamonds that go all around the ring. This is in contrast to wedding rings which only features either one big diamond or a group of stones/diamonds that only cover half of the whole ring. And while a wedding ring is usually made out of diamond, an eternity ring can be made with emerald and other types of jewels.
  • Symbolism – A wedding ring is used exclusively for wedding ceremonies. It is a sign of the promise and commitment that a couple undertakes by virtue of the marriage. Most couples have their wedding ring customized by inscribing their names and the date of their wedding ceremony. An eternity ring on the other hand can be used in different milestones in life. This includes childbirth, anniversaries and personal special moments. It symbolizes important and sentimental moments in one’s life. Visit this link for more info on wedding rings Adelaide.
  • Use and Versatility – A wedding ring is not versatile due to the fact that they are only used and should be worn only by married couples. An eternity ring is more versatile, since it can be used to represent different moments in life. Because of that, it makes for a great gift to either a partner, friend, or family member.
    A wedding ring is usually worn with just the engagement ring (if the couple has one), while an eternity ring can be mixed and matched with other rings (such as class rings, professional rings and accessory rings).

Guide In Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring:

For many guys buying an engagement ring for his soon to be bride is one of the major purchases of his life. Of course this does not include buying a car and a house.
Walking into a jewelry store can be compared to shopping may be an overwhelming experience to some guys so it is important that we share some tips on how to to make this as easy as it can be. Of course a number of questions will run through your mind before making a big decision. Questions such as how much would this cost me? what kind of ring should I get her? Or will she like
the bling? .. are usually on his mind. Choosing an engagement ring does not have to be traditional. Since we live on modern times the choices have evolved. Before, it’s tradition that we stick to white diamonds but nowadays there are more options to choose from such as coloured diamond rings Australia to match her taste and personality. Other options can vary from gold, silver, titanium and even birthstones.

This quick guide can help you get a ring that hopefully she can’t say no to.


This is very important before making a major purchase. We want to get something that we can afford. Be smart and choose something practical for your current financial situation. The last thing we want is to go into debt just for a single ring.


Talk to people who had some experience doing this. Make a list of reputable jewelers with accreditations to make sure that you are putting value for your money. Plan ahead of time, it takes weeks for the jeweler to finalize your engagement ring.


You can subtly look around and check on what kind of jewelry does she usually wear. You can ask her friends and family members of what her preference would be. Who knows your partner might fancy a selection of sapphire rings Australia here. We won’t know until we do a little bit of investigating and if all else fails include her in the selection process.


Diamonds are graded in to four c’s: cut, carat, color and clarity. The quality of the diamonds also depends on the price so knowing the 4c’s will help find you a ring suitable for your budget.


Again depending on your budget. The jeweler offers a wide array of options for this one. Will it be silver, gold, white gold or titanium? The choice is yours to make. But remember the higher the quality of the ring bands the less chances of tarnishing should occur.


Make sure that the ring is insured in case it gets lost or stolen. You may choose to get a full replacement policy from your jeweler which will make its appraisal value higher. You also have the option to add its value to your current home insurance.